Aegean Airlines planes

Aegean Airlines’ plane fleet consists of a variety of aircraft types. The company currently operates a fleet of 74 planes.

AIRBUS A320neo

A modernized version of the Airbus A320. Can reach speeds of up to 828 km/h, range of 6,800 km. There are 180 seats in the cabin.

AIRBUS A321neo

Narrow-body passenger jet airliner. Reaches a speed of up to 876 km/h, range – 7.4 thousand kilometers

There are 220 seats in the cabin. In economy there are folding seats, 80 cm spacing between them. For entertainment there is an 11.6-inch screen – you can watch movies or listen to music.

In business class, the pitch of seats is 160 cm, the seats themselves are horizontal with a flat bed and headrest (adjustable to 6 positions). There are 17-inch touch screens. On overnight flights, the bed is prepared for sleep.


Twin-engine jet airliner with increased capacity and a range of 5,900 kilometers.

Reaches speeds of up to 825 km/h. The plane has a seating capacity of 206 seats.


AIRBUS A320 is an airliner with a narrow fuselage that has a single center aisle inside the cabin. In this configuration, the plane can accommodate up to 174 passengers. The flight range with maximum load is 6100 kilometers. It can reach speeds of up to 840 km/h.

DASH 8 100

Designed for short regional flights. Cruising speed is 500 km/h. Flight range – 1900 km. Number of seats – 37.

ATR 42-600

New modification with PW127M engines and improved economic characteristics, delivered since 2012. Cruising speed is 556 km/h and range is 1500 km. The capacity is 46 passengers.

ATR 72-600

A turboprop plane manufactured by the French company ATR. Capacity – 72 economy class seats. Cruising speed – 510 km/h. Features: The ATR 72-600 is a more compact plane, which is usually used on short routes.