Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is a popular airline that has evolved from a regional carrier in Greece to a world-class corporation. It has an extensive geography of flights, including 150 destinations in 40 countries.

History of Aegean Airlines

The low-coster has a rich and interesting history, starting with its founding in 1987. Appearing as a small regional carrier, it only operated domestic flights in Greece. But as time went on, the company began to aim for greater heights and expanded the geography of its flights.

In 1999, Aegean Airlines began operating its first international flights, opening new destinations and attracting more passengers. Thanks to its quality service and reliable airliners, the carrier gained the trust of passengers and became known as one of the leaders of the aviation industry in Greece.

In 2001, Aegean Airlines began to cooperate with other airlines and expanded its network to European countries. This provided customers with more options for travel and business trips.

One of the key moments in the history of Aegean Airlines occurred in 2010 when it acquired Olympic Air, the Greek national carrier. This allowed it to combine the resources of both corporations and strengthen the low-cost carrier’s position in the international market.

Today, the airline offers flights to 150 destinations in 40 countries. It prides itself on high quality service, a modern plane fleet and a wide network of partners. Aegean Airlines is committed to providing passengers with a comfortable and safe journey, and its history is an example of successful development and commitment to high standards in the aviation industry.

Aegean Airlines plane fleet

It consists of a variety of aircraft types. The company currently operates a fleet of 74 planes.

Model Assignment Number of planes Number of passengers transported
AIRBUS A320neo Passenger 14 180
AIRBUS A321neo Passenger 12 220
AIRBUS A321 Passenger 6 206
AIRBUS A320 Passenger 27 174
DASH 8 100 Passenger 2 37
ATR 42-600 Passenger 3 46
ATR 72-600 Passenger 10 70-72

Popular flight destinations

  • Athens, Greece – Istanbul, Turkey (flight takes 1-2 hours). The flight operates from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and arrives at Istanbul New Airport.
  • Athens, Greece – London, UK (approximately 3-4 hours one way). The plane departs from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and lands at Heathrow Airport.
  • Athens, Greece – Milan, Italy (2-3 hours). The flight starts from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, ends at Malpensa Airport.

Classes of service

Aegean Airlines offers passengers transportation in two classes of service: economy and business class.


The economy class has two fares with different terms and conditions:

  • The first fare, Light (Traveling Light), requires only hand baggage weighing up to 8 kilograms. Checked-in baggage is not included in the free baggage allowance. In case of a ticket exchange, the passenger must pay 30, 40 or 50 euros for domestic or international short-haul and long-haul flights respectively. Cancellation of the flight is not subject to a refund of the Aegean Airlines ticket price.
  • The second fare, Flex, allows the passenger to take one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 8 kilograms and one checked baggage up to 23 kilograms. Flex and Business fare tickets can be exchanged free of charge if necessary.

The economy fare offers two types of premium seats: Up Front and Extra Legroom, which provide extra legroom and a comfortable position during the flight.


When purchasing a business class ticket, a passenger may take two pieces of hand baggage weighing 5 and 8 kilograms. Alternatively, it is allowed to replace the baggage with one item weighing no more than 13 kilograms. Two suitcases up to 32 kilograms each are allowed as checked baggage.

Business Class offers additional benefits including ticket refunds, a separate airport check-in desk, access to comfortable lounges, seat selection when booking, and priority baggage claim.

Aegean Airlines provides facilities to meet the needs of different categories of passengers, striving to ensure a comfortable and convenient journey regardless of the class of service selected.

Aegean Airlines loyalty programs

Miles+Bonus is a loyalty program developed jointly by AEGEAN and Olympic Air that rewards loyal customers by making each of their journeys unforgettable.

Under the program, members earn miles that can be redeemed for valuable privileges both in the air and on the ground. Accumulated bonuses can be used to purchase tickets on AEGEAN and Olympic Air flights, as well as on any Star Alliance member airline. They can be spent on upgrades during the flight or on the purchase of goods and services from program partners.

The Miles+Bonus program provides members with exclusive benefits, including access to special services, offers and events. Customers receive status privileges such as priority check-in and boarding, an additional baggage limit and access to airport lounges.

There are three levels of participation in the program: Blue, Silver, Gold.

  • By joining the Miles+Bonus program, a passenger is assigned the Blue level. Earn and spend miles, get discounts and gifts in our partner network and earn level miles to move to the next status.
  • Silver level opens up a number of exclusive benefits such as “Together”, additional privileges before, during and after the flight. As a Silver level member, the customer becomes eligible for Silver status in the Star Alliance program, which gives the opportunity to enjoy improved service in the international airline network.
To reach Silver level, you’ll need to fly at least two flights with Aegean or Olympic Air and earn 12,000 level miles in a year or collect a total of 35,000 level miles regardless of the airline selected.
  • Achieving Gold status opens up even more benefits.

To upgrade from Silver to Gold level, several conditions must be met: fly four flights with Aegean or Olympic Air and earn 24,000 level miles within a year, or accumulate a total of 70,000 level miles, regardless of the airline selected.

Luggage rules and regulations

Aegean Airlines baggage rules and allowances may depend on the type of ticket, class of service and itinerary. Please refer to the relevant section of the website for details.

Plane check-in instructions

Air tickets can be purchased on the official website of the airline or on specialized web platforms. It is necessary to select the planned route, specify the date of departure and the preferred fare, then enter passenger data and make payment. All necessary information will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Two options are available for flight check-in: online and offline. Online check-in allows you to complete the check-in process before arrival at the airport and go straight to the baggage drop-off counter. If you prefer offline check-in, you will need to visit special check-in counters at the point of departure, which start working 2-3 hours before the flight.

Aegean Airlines contacts

Head Office
Address 31, Vitanioti Street, Kifisia, 145 64 Kifissia, Greece
Phone number +30 210 62 61 000
Email [email protected]
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